"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere" - Vincient Van Gogh

Aquarius Season

Aquarius Season

A q u a r i u s… Happy Birthday!!!

I’m surrounded by a close team of Aquarians. My mom is an Aquarius like I am for one.

Here’s some facts about Aquarians:

  • Tarot Card: The Star

  • We’re the only sign that has 2 elements, air and water.

  • Aquarius gemstone is turquoise

Cary Day

Aquarians are the humanitarians of the zodiac. They’re super friendly and love to help people that are in need. Always looking for a protest or a cause to support for the greater good. Aquarian’s can be bit of the oddballs and rebels. We just see things differently and want to show the world a different perspective. Some stigmas are Aquarians can be cool and detached, but there’s a deeper meaning to that. We hide our feelings in a lot of the times (speaking from experience) and were very cautious of who we let in because not everyone will see our gushy side. But if you catch an Aquarius, be ready for the time of your life, it’ll never be boring.

Cary Day

This playlist is for you!

Keep it weird & shine on my fellow Aquarians,



Spicy Black Bean Quinoa Tacos

Spicy Black Bean Quinoa Tacos

Banana Oat-Choco  Almond Cookies

Banana Oat-Choco Almond Cookies