"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere" - Vincient Van Gogh

A q u a r i u s  Season

A q u a r i u s Season


Where you at?! Raise your hands up high! (Yes, I'm an Aquarian).  I love Aquarians with all my heart (you know who you are <3)  The visionaries, the crazy geniuses, the intellectuals.  You guys are super intelligent with big hearts for humankind.  You want to help, it's something that feels good in your soul.  But sometimes were labeled as cold and detached. Open up your heart, it's okay to feel.  Don't be overwhelmed by your emotions, stop over thinking and just feel <3

Here's a playlist for you!


Let go of your mind and come to your senses,




Artwork by Atelier Antea

Blends with Benefits

Blends with Benefits

Natural Life Hacks : Sugar Scrub

Natural Life Hacks : Sugar Scrub