"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere" - Vincient Van Gogh

Belle Naturelle: CBD & Natural Beauty Event

Belle Naturelle: CBD & Natural Beauty Event

I always believed that beauty should be felt. The healthier I am, the more beautiful I feel. Beauty comes from within, and when we take care of our health, our mind, our soul... that inner beauty manifests externally.

I decided to create this event "Belle Naturelle" to celebrate healthy beauty. And of course, I had to incorporate one of my favorite holistic healing substances. CBD! I mean, who doesn’t like natural healing ;)

Papa & Barkley x Cary Day

Papa & Barkley provided the CBD (which everyone enjoyed very much!) as we relaxed and talked before the yoga session.

Some of us dropped the CBD directly under our tongues, while others mixed it into their tea. Bon Temps supplied us with their delicious teas. Their ginger tea rocked my socks off! Being a tea connoisseur, I attest that Bon Temps is perfectly balanced. They pack so much flavor, yet it’s smooth and delightfully fragrant. I can sip on it all day.

Kana Skincare also brought their amazing beauty products. Not only are they all natural ingredients, but they incorporate CBD as well! Everyone loved their goodie bags, and boy does my skin love their lavender sleeping mask! It quickly became a favorite of mine.

Kana x Cary Day

Following my plant-based diet, I was ecstatic to have Follow Your Heart cater for us. They are one of my all time favorite vegan restaurants. Not everyone there was vegan, but everyone sure loved their delicious vegan treats!

Vita Parfum came through with their amazing scented candles and perfume oils that I used for the end of class in Savasana. So lovely!

I’m already planning for the next one and I have so many ideas! If you weren’t at this one, you definitely need to come to the next event. Such nice energy, good people, it’s like a big spa day party for your soul.

And I love spa days.

Interested in coming to the next one? Click here and let me know you’re interested in the next event!



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