"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere" - Vincient Van Gogh

L e o  Season

L e o Season

Leo season is official here. Rawr!

Bold, daring, and driven to be loved and admired.  Leo's love to be the center of attention! Leo's are also very caring and warm.  Some of the closest people to me are Leos.  Their opposite sign is Aquarius.  Aquarians and Leos share a lot of traits.  As being the opposite partner signs, they often times mirror, and learn a lot from one another.  Leo being the selfie, and Aquarians being the self aware but they're both coming from the same place and have huge hearts.  What I love about Leos is that they get things done and don't have time to waste.  My lovely Leos need to learn how to cool that lion pride and not care what other people think so much... (that's where you can learn a thing or two from the rebellious, cool, and calm Aquarians)

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Benefits of Self Care

Benefits of Self Care

C a n c e r  Season

C a n c e r Season