"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere" - Vincient Van Gogh

The Proper Dose on How Not to Care.

The Proper Dose on How Not to Care.

Not caring about what people may think of you is hard.  Trust me, the word “Care” is in my name.  One thing you have to keep in mind though: Your happiness. When you feel unhappy, that means you need to step out of that comfort zone you’ve built for yourself and experience something new.  Reroute old habits and take a different path.

Over-caring can come with abusing yourself and in return you abuse other people by how you over cater to them or reciprocate their needs.

Keep it simple.  Over-thinking complicates things.  Why do you need to think of all the theoretical details that may not happen? Focus on the now, the present moment - the moment you are standing in. Ask yourself, are these thoughts in your head real or is it from my imagination? If they are, throw them out. Imagine litterally throwing those thoughts out of your head. Focus on grounding yourself.

Cary Day

F E A R = False Evidence Appearing Real.

Acknowledging that we create a lot of scenarios in our head is a grounding way to jump back into reality and keep things simple.

Simplicity is key.

Being a highly sensitive person, I took things so seriously.  Feeling everyone else’s energy didn't help when I was a kid.  But slowly, I grew to accept myself. I am this sensitive person that feels everyone else’s energy around me. I realized that my hyper sensitivity is not a weakness, but a strength! 

If you have to ability to feel and be open, don't shut yourself out.  Let yourself flow, but understand that you need to protect yourself from other people that may latch onto your energy (energy vampires) or people with a lower vibration than you.  It’s okay to protect yourself, accommodating and helping people is a virtuous thing, but you know what is even more virtuous? Helping yourself first before helping anyone else.

First responders, firemen, and police all know that they cannot help anyone, if they are not fit, mental or physically to help themselves.

Self care goes hand in hand with this subject. Take care of yourself first before you can even attempt to help others. Being a yoga teacher and a healer, I can’t help anyone to heal unless I ground myself and situate what I need to fix for myself first. It’s a constant effort. We learn and build ourselves everyday. Every day that dawns is another new day to learn more about yourself.

Vibrate higher so you can inspire and light the way.

Stay Happy & Healthy and be you with no apologies,



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