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5 Ways to Meditate

5 Ways to Meditate

Meditation is so beneficial for your mind and spirit.  They say that meditation can open up neural pathways in your brain that you’ve never used before.  You can tap into abundance mentally and physically through meditation.  Be mindful is such an essential part of everyday lives to maintain clarity, stability, and happiness. Meditation or in other words, mindfulness  can come in many forms.  Some ways work better for certain people.  There is no right or wrong.  Here’s a few ways to meditate to get you start.


1. Declarations

I would say intentions, but I believe declarations are more powerful.  Definition of intention is to intend to do something almost like hoping but not guaranteed. A declaration is a statement.  Telling yourself that it will be tangible in your life and it will happen no matter what.  Declaration are action words. Place your hand over your heart and set declarations for yourself. Ex. (I am bigger than any problem.) (I create my own life). Repeat these often and they will be tangible in your life.


2. Visualizations

Close your eyes and imagine what you want to accomplish, what do you want in your life.  Imagine yourself living in that moment.  Visualizing what you want in your life is another powerful tool to attain what it is you want and desire.  Spend at least 5 minutes of your day closing your eyes (or not) and envision/imagine all the things you want.  Visualizing creates that energy and confidence you need to make it tangible.


3. Written

When things are written down on paper, they are more physical than typing them out in  digital form.  When I need to remember important things, I write them down.  The physical effort of jotting things down on paper first leaves an impression in my mind. I’m a physical person so I need to feel things to keep me inspired and motivated.  Get a notebook and spend at least 5 minutes writing what you are grateful for everyday and what you want to accomplish that day.  It really makes a difference.


4. Silence

Being by yourself in complete silence really brings out clarity.  When we are silent we can actually hear the subtleties in our bodies and in our minds.  Eliminating the chatter around us eliminates the chatter in within ourselves. Spend at least 5 minutes a day in silence.  You can close your eyes or not, whatever is comfortable for you. Focus on empting your mind.  It will be tough, but the effort is well worth it.  You’ll start training and rewiring your brain as your mind builds mental fortitude.  Silence is key to understanding, that's when our inner most deep seeded feelings emerge.


5. Movement

Movement is a big part of my life.  Moving with purpose helps you evaluate actions that are wasting our time and actions that enrich your time.  Yoga for me is a moving meditation.  to be present fully in your movement in the moment builds mental strength and concentration.  If yoga isn't your thing, find other ways to move with intention.  It could be through sports or martial arts.  Being present in your actions brings a calming yet alert feeling into your mental state and body.

So there you have it.  5 ways to get started with your mediation practice.  There are many more ways to mediate but I’m showing you 5 keys to open up the doorways to what may bring you peace and joy into your life. Try all 5 and see which one best suits you. Comment below and tell me which one is your favorite!

Stay happy & healthy,



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